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Drive All Night (USA, 2021) [CAAMFest 2021]

A dreamlike neo-noir bathed in ‘80s aesthetics, Peter Hsieh’s feature debut Drive All Night concerns a taxi driver whose shift takes a surreal turn. Fusing the premise of Michael Mann’s thriller Collateral (2004) with the […]

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on May, 15 · in Reviews

Junho (South Korea/USA, 2021) [CAAMFest 2021]

After testing the waters with a few shorts, Korean-American director David Boo is coming to the Center for Asian American Media festival (CAAMFest) with his debut feature Junho, a scathing take on the South Korean […]

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on May, 14 · in Reviews

Conversation with Jia Zhang-Ke, Director of Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue, June 3

From master director Jia Zhang-Ke comes a vital document of Chinese society since 1949. In Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue, Jia interviews three prominent authors—Jia Pingwa, Yu Hua, and Liang Hong—born in the […]

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on May, 13

White Elephant (Canada, 2020) [CAAMFest 2021]

In White Elephant, the debut feature of writer-director Andrew Chung, we get a quick glimpse of how a high school rom-com plays out in a racialized North American context. Nuanced and well-executed, this 61-minute coming-of-age […]

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on May, 11

Sun Children (Iran, 2020) [SDAFF Spring Showcase 2021]

Sun Children attempts to make a whole statement on the vulnerability of children to be exploited. Writer-director Majid Majidi considers this in a very nuanced sense: to expose how this exploitation is not in anyway […]

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on May, 10

Tezuka’s Barbara (Japan, 2020)

Few figures cast as long a shadow over Japanese comic art and animation as Osamu Tezuka. From 1947 to his death in 1989, Tezuka was the most influential writer/artist and animation director of his age. […]

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on May, 09



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